If you want to reactivate your knowledge of a language, boost your fluency or simply improve your level, Askaway offers a coaching plan focused on authentic language practice. We remove the obstacles to learning that your busy schedule can create and offer you many ways to practise.


Askaway adapts to your agenda and monitors your progress to help you work through your plan. Every week, the personalised coaching service will select and update your material pack according to your language needs, remind you what you have to do, help you with your bookings, motivate you and support you in achieving your goal.


The REACT plan allows you to practise the language frequently and take advantage of what free time you do have. By utilising the small gaps in your schedule, for example when travelling, while waiting, during meal breaks or in gaps between meetings you can practise your speaking, listening, writing and reading. The digital formats of the self-study material and the online videoconference sessions will help you to better commit to your studies.


Via the Askaway website, you can open your private folder to access your tailored listening and reading material, book and access your oral or written online videoconference sessions, or review your errors and language needs in your customised progress reports. Askaway will always be available via all your mobile devices.


Monthly service > A total of 9 hours of practice (6hrs self-study + 3hrs videoconference)

Personalised coaching service
4 tailor-made material packs (1,5hrs/week)
4 online practice sessions (videoconference) (45mins/week)

4 post-session feedbacks

Customised progress report after every 12 sessions

The plans can be modified and customised. Increase or reduce your plan as you wish.
We also adapt our plans for companies.

  • “I had to improve my fluency in English for the committee meeting next month. With Askaway React plan I was much more confident and my colleagues noticed it.” Ask for information

  • “With Askaway Coaching plans, I could connect with the coach from my hotel in Madrid. I had a spare moment before going to dinner and it allowed me to make the most of the little free time I had.”

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  • "While waiting for a flight, I was able to utilise that time to allow me to improve my spelling and writing fluency.”

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Details of the services:

Personalised coaching service: From the moment you begin your plan, Askaway will always be there to help you organise your self-study using the material packs, help you with your bookings of online videoconference sessions and any changes to your schedule. We will motivate you and track your progress.

– Tailor-made material packs: These are uploaded weekly into your private folder. They consist of listening exercises and worksheets, normally in the form of press articles, current news reports, videos, grammar work, general, technical and business-focused texts which represent a total of 1.5hrs of self-study per pack. These are tailored to the interests and needs of each individual learner.

Online practice sessions: These are oral and/or written practice sessions conducted in the target language and are delivered via videoconference or telephone (Skype or call to the learner’s phone line in case of connection failure). They are usually spread over 45-minute sessions. In these sessions, you will discuss the topics studied in the material pack, subjects of your choice or those best suited to your interests and needs in order to motivate you and encourage concentration.

– Post-session feedback: This will be sent to you following your videoconference session and consists of a brief summary of the main language points covered in the session along with any areas that may need further attention.

Customised progress report: This is an updated assessment of your strengths, weaknesses, the achieved skills, maintenance advice and an improvement plan. The report will be updated in your private folder after every 12 sessions. See example.

How to access the service?

– Ask for free advice by filling out the form or by directly using the online chat on

– Choose the most suitable plan (the plans can be modified and customised) and place your order by replying to the email received or directly via the online chat.

– To contract the service, you will receive an email with the details of your order and the method of payment.

– Once the payment is received, an email will be sent to you with your Askaway username and password (if it’s your first purchase) along with the receipt or invoice.

– Log in and access your private Askaway folder. Activate your plan by sending a message via the online chat on our website. The personalised coaching service will contact you to organise and initiate the plan.

– Start receiving your tailor-made material packs in your private folder and book your videoconference sessions.

Terms of services:

– The videoconference sessions bookings are made by emails or through our online chat on our website. We recommend that you book your weekly sessions on Friday afternoons or Monday mornings, as this is normally when you best know your week’s schedule. 24hrs before the booked session you shall receive a reminder email. 4hrs before the booked session you will receive another reminder email with your corresponding Askaway coach’s Skype username.

– Cancellation Policy: 4 hours’ notice
More than 4 hours in advance > you can reorganise the session within the same month.
Less than 4 hours in advance > the session is deducted from your credit.

– Management of your self-study work:
Each week you will receive a tailor-made material pack. Each pack represents approximately 1,5hrs of self-study work. Askaway carefully selects the material depending on your level, interests and needs. We will always encourage you to read, listen and do the exercises, but you will have to be committed in order to study regularly and to ensure your progress. We advise you to spread your study time over any small gaps in your schedule, for example listening while you are waiting, reading during a break or whilst travelling, etc.