(individual/group options)

A monthly personalised coaching service which includes*:

*The plans can be modified and customised / Increase or reduce your plan as you wish / We adapt our plans for companies.


The REACT plan allows you to take advantage of what free time you do have for study. Easy access to your material packs. Book your online sessions. Askaway will always be available via all your mobile devices.


Askaway adapts to your agenda and monitors your progress. After each session the team will select and update the material in your pack according to your language needs, send you feedback, help you with your bookings, motivate you and support you in achieving your goals.

Askaway React

With my Askaway React training plan, I was able to connect with the coach from my hotel in Madrid. I had some time before going to dinner and it allowed me to take advantage of the little free time I have.

Askaway React

My videoconference practice session while waiting for my flight has allowed me to improve my fluency without wasting my free time.

Askaway React

I had to improve my fluency for the committee meeting the following month. With my Askaway React training plan, I have arrived much more confident and my colleagues have noticed.

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