Who are we?

We are a experienced group of language educators, consisting of a core team of fully qualified teachers who operate alongside a strong and supportive management team.

Who are our students?

Busy professional people who are short of time, who need flexibility and who want to improve their language skills in a way which addresses their needs effectively

The advantages of studying with Askaway?

  • Study when, where and what you need to.
  • Study with a real teacher every time.

What do we provide?

Askaway provides personalised, flexible language learning services for professional and personal development:

  • React language training.
  • Exam language training.

We help you to effectively deal, in another language, with:

  • presentations
  • lectures
  • meetings
  • videoconferencing
  • business trips
  • interviews
  • exams
  • personal trips, etc.

Additionally we provide:

  • Language testing service.
  • Professional translation and proofreading.

Our Clients

Latest blog posts

In our blog, you will find a variety of language-related items, which will never cease to amaze you!

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