“To ask away” is an expression that means “Ask anything you want”.

If you have a foreign language learning objective* and very little free time, Askaway offers several action plans with advice, tracking and personalised coaching to best suit your needs and schedule.

Askaway aims to help people who have specific needs regarding learning a foreign language. For example not having enough time to practise or a lack of linguistic confidence. We are not just another language school. Our desire is to adapt to the requests and busy agendas of our learners in order for them to feel more confident through the support which we provide.

Here you will find advice and support from native speaking experts who will answer questions, help you to achieve personal or professional goals and enable you to practise the language.

*Professional objectives such as Presentations, Lectures, Meetings, Training, Business Trips, Instructions and Visits, or personal objectives such as Exams, Interviews, Travel and generally Improving your language level.


For whom?

– Workers and busy individuals with little free time.
– Candidates for official exams, for example, Cambridge.
– Executives with international commitments and frequent urgent matters.
– People who want to learn and speak the language in an immersion programme.


– A language coach always at hand to ask and practise without needing to change your location, access references without searching.
– A tailored service with time flexibility and adapted content.
– Coaching plans developed by experts.
– An option to combine the language with personal interests.

Our clients


In our blog, you will find a selection of international newspaper articles selected by our team, offers of immersion activities and a variety of language-related items, which will never cease to amaze you!