We generally prefer to spend the little free time we have doing a leisure activity. Askaway Immersion exploits that particular time and that activity* so you can also speak in a foreign language!

*Leisure activities such as Walking, Trekking, Bicycle, Surfing, Sailing, Golf, Tennis, Padel, Shopping, Eating Out, Gastronomy, Cooking, Tasting, Museums, Theatre, Cinema, Concerts, Photography, Design, Painting and Drawing and Sports Events, etc.


Askaway Immersion will arrange to accompany you in your leisure activity or to organise group meetings to practise the language.

On demand or according to offer
This is an “on demand” or “according to offer” service. Askaway takes into account any suggestion, personal request and will put together an estimation of service. Askaway also regularly offers on its website group activities and meetings. See offers


(According to demand and offer)

Askaway Immersion Walk

1hr walk (Walking, Bike, Shopping, Museum)

Askaway Immersion Outing

Group outing (cinema, theatre, concert, sporting event) + tapas (doesn’t include entry ticket, or food/drink). (2 to 4 people)

Askaway Immersion Meal

1hr lunch, dinner, morning or afternoon break (food/drink not included)

  • “The cinema outings with Askaway allow me to speak in English while enjoying one of my favourite activities. I have also been able to meet other film buffs!"

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  • “The bicycle ride with the Askaway coach has allowed me to exercise and practise the language at the same time!”

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  • “The only way to improve my oral level is to meet up with an Askaway coach for lunch. I just can't find another gap in my schedule.”

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Details of services

– Askaway will offer activities and organise groups according to the level of the users.

– During these activities, topics related to the activity, subjects of your choice or those best suited to your interests and needs will be discussed. We adapt and customise to bolster your motivation and foster concentration. Read more about CUSTOMISED.

How does it work?

– Ask for a (free) estimation or choose an activity (offers) by filling out the form or directly via the online chat on askaway.es.

– To contract the service, you will receive an email with the details of your order and the payment details.

– Once the payment is received, an email of confirmation will be sent to you along with the receipt or invoice. You only need to be at the location at the agreed time.

Terms of services:

– The activities can only be booked up to 3 days (maximum) before the day offered or agreed.

Cancellation policy:
– Once contracted, the service cannot be cancelled nor can the amount paid be refunded.