When writing or reading a text* in a foreign language, doubts may arise concerning vocabulary, structures, expressions or style that can hinder your progress. With our Askaway Helpline direct support, you will be able to ask for help directly from a foreign language expert.

*Professional texts like Emails, Letters, Presentations, Reports, Business Plans, Web Pages, and Memos, etc., or personal like CVs, Cover Letters, Blogs, Writings and Projects, etc.


The Askaway Helpline is available 10hrs a day from 9 am to 7 pm, 5 days a week from Monday to Friday, to resolve your doubts related to the language.


With Askaway Helpline, you can ask questions online freely about vocabulary, phrasal structures or expressions and receive the answer, a suggested correction, or simply get a confirmation right away.


Sometimes, although doubts have been clarified, a full text revision may be necessary. With Askaway Helpline Extra you can ask for the correction* of a whole text and not just a specific part. This is an extra service offering correction for longer pieces of work.


Monthly service

Correction* of parts of texts
10hrs a day (9:00-19:00), 5 days a week

30€ / month


Credit system**

Correction* of entire texts
10hrs a day (9:00-19:00), 5 days a week

 from 50€

* These are correction services and help with your attempt at writing or reading in a foreign language. These are not translation services.
** Before being able to buy Helpline Extra credits, the user must first be registered with the Askaway Helpline.

  • "I didn't like the style of a sentence in the email destined for my foreign client. I asked Askaway Helpline to help me and in just one click they suggested another much clearer option. It saved me time having to look for it."

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  • “I had to send my presentation before 2 pm. At 10 am, I sent the last complete version to Askaway Helpline Extra, and once I had accepted the quotation, at 11.30 am I received the correction suggestions”.

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  • I didn't understand a word in a certain context. I sent a message to Askaway Helpline and we sorted it out together and in the process I also got to practise the language!”

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Details of services:

– These are correction services and help with your attempt at writing or reading in a foreign language. These are not translation services.

Askaway Helpline will only accept queries such as doubts about vocabulary, phrasal structures and expressions composed of a few words, part of a sentence or of a text, but not the entire text. Neither vocabulary lists, nor entire texts will be accepted.

Askaway Helpline extra will answer requests regarding entire texts correction and / or more voluminous texts (presentations, reports, emails, CVs, letters, menus, web pages, etc.). A price and delivery estimation will be provided.

How does it work?

– Ask for (free) information by filling out our form or on the online chat on

– Choose the service by replying to the email received or directly via the online informative chat.

– To contract the service, you will receive an email with the details of your order and the payment details.

– Once the payment is received, an email will be sent to you with your Askaway username and password (if it’s your first purchase) along with the receipt or invoice.

– Log in to and access your Helpline in your private folder.

– For Askaway Helpline Extra, you need to buy a credit, apart from having contracted the Askaway Helpline service. Send the text you want to be corrected and you will receive a price and delivery estimate. Confirm that you accept the estimation and you’ll receive the corrected work in the agreed time (the amount will then be deducted from your credit).

Terms of services:

– The Askaway Helpline fee is monthly (30 days). You can arrange an automatic renewal or pay monthly.

– To purchase Askaway Helpline extra credits, you need to have registered with the Askaway Helpline.

– Once you have accepted the Askaway Helpline Extra estimated delivery and price, the amount will be deducted from your credits when you have received the corrected work.

– To access the Helpline extra service, you need to pay the Askaway Helpline fee.

– These are correction services and help with your attempt at writing or reading in a foreign language. These are not translation services.